My wife Leah and I went to  Noreascon 4--the World Science Fiction Convention in Boston--we were joined later by Daughter Renata, Son-in-law Joshua, and Grandson Benjamin O'Connor-Rose


This isn't Renata, Josh and Ben--It's the Lens Family--Mascots(?) of Noreascon 4 

Terry Pratchett, Author Guest of Honor

T-shirt reads: Tolkien's Dead, J K Rowling said no, Philip Pullman couldn't make it,

Hi I'm Terry Pratchett


The legendary Forrest J. Ackerman--the Fan's Fan


The Dealers' Room

First Night Noreascon -- You expected, maybe, a solemn ceremony???

P. J. O'Connor--Receiving my copy of the Retro Hugo Trophy from Bob Eggleton

Son and daughter of James Blish accepting his two Hugos

UK representatives accepting James White's Hugo on behalf of Irish fandom

Bob Tucker's Retro Hugo--on behalf of Illinois fandom

Winners at The 2004 Hugo Award Ceremony the following night

Scott Lefton--the other designer--and Glasgow Convention Chairs for next year

Phil Klass, A.K.A. William Tenn--Writer Guest of Honor

Left to Right: Jack Speer--Fan Guest of Honor, and his wife--and Peter Weston, the other Fan Guest of Honor, who is also the manufacturer of the metal 'rocket' part of the Hugo Awards

Three-time Hugo Award winning Author George R. R. Martin--but not this night...

MC Neil Gaiman and Big Heart Award Winner Erwin "Filthy Pierre" Strauss--

Neil Gaiman--The Emcee--gets his Own Hugo

"Bobzilla" --Bob Eggleton--Best Artist--Once Again--


Allen Steele--author of the Coyote stories and one of my personal favorites

Allen Steele and myself--with one of my "craft projects"

Hugo Trophies exhibited at ConCourse

Space Telescope Science Institute display

Dr. Deb Geisler--Chair for the Convention

Where Did the Hugo I made for Werner von Braun end up? (NASA Exhibit)

Freebies and the Voodoo Board

More Dealers' Room

Leah and I were at the "Lord of the Rings" Exhibit at Boston Science Museum

Leah and I taking the Boston Harbor Cruise

Handy sandwich place across from Hynes Convention Center entrance

Constitution-class Starship--oops!--that's "Sparship"

Touring the Constitution--"Old Ironsides"

A place to eat--and if you're gonna eat, it might as well be Legal

And a place to get a drink, too...

NASA took the cover off and let me pose with von Braun's trophy

The "Other" Hugo Award and mine, side-by-side

Grandson Benjamin is not intimidated by claws and antennas

Leah and I Getting ready for the Masquerade

Son-in-Law Joshua and Grandson Ben

Last day in Boston, Ben woke up asking "Gramma, Grand-Dad: Swimming Pool!"

Boston Harbor from the Kennedy Library grounds

Leah--same Place

NASA reconstruction of Robert Goddard's first liquid-fuel rocket--model is somewhat 'hors de combat' after 5 days at the Convention

3 out of 4 Guest of Honor posters at the Dead Dog Party following closing ceremonies

(Nobody knows where Jack Speer's poster went)

Cheesecake Factory--decor somehow reminiscent of the Eye of Sauron from 'Lord of the Rings'